…that I am starting the day WITHOUT a swollen leg, or a swollen foot, or a sore shin, or anything else – just some tightness, nothing that can not be overcome.nnSo, after having had some coffee, I am onto a pop and some Presbyterian Mixture tobacco (which I am glad I was able to pick up a tin of for this holiday season). There is still the December tobacco order that may see another holiday themed tobacco purchase, but really, I just want a straight VA/Per blend and nothing else (like the blend mentioned in the previous blog post). I’d also like to order an old, bang around, clang around, beat ’em up, codger-style pipe (like a Dr Grabow Royal Duke or Royalton), but considering I still have three more Xmas gifts to order for family members in December, chances are I will not be making a pipe purchase this month. nnSpeaking of which, I have to get my ducks in order in terms of what I am *really* looking at in terms of December monies. I still have a (real) Xmas tree to get for my apartment in December, too.nnSo, let me look at my budget and see what the hell I am working with. Back later.

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