Well, I can jump straight into some web dev stuff, and that will happen quite soon, for sure, but for right now I am just *swimming* in the fact that I am back online (with the Mac, that is). As I was saying in the Joplin app (offline) – the Internet sucks when *everything* is done through a silly, handheld, toy mobile device. Haha! Thing are just *better* in a desktop enviro. More possibilities, is all. Smartphones have a place in life, too, just not as the *only* interface, is all.nnAlso, I am using (new) Safari on Monterey, and it looks exactly like the old Safari on Big Sur, so I am not blown away by any means. Apparently there is tab grouping now, or something? But I don’t see myself using that. Ever. But, I *will* say, that I like to be able to log into ProtonMail, and Github, etc. through use of TouchID, instead of typing in the PW or/and clicking a button like on Firefox (which doesn’t get access to TouchID). Of course, TouchID was here before, but it’s just slightly more convenient to me in some ways.nnI really like [this post]( I wrote last night about “The Web, on tape”, and I want to (eventually) make the game that I was suggesting. It would be a lot of work, but it would be a thing worth doing, I think. Again, not Priority #1 right now, but it *will* move up in my list of priorities over time, in all likelihood.nnAlso, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I went ahead and cancelled my account. I *love* Carrd, but I cannot justify spending $50 per year on the service, when it is (mostly) superficial stuff I use it for. I don’t need a landing page or contact form or anything like that, because I have this bloggo. And also, people can comment through e-mail replies if they subscribe to this blog, or, through (when it is released), or, through a blog response (like old school W.a) with #responsetoTMO. I’m reachable, is what I am saying. And when **Thanx** is ready, people can use that, too. All is good.nnBack later

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