It’s a mystery to me why people think blogging is dead. Probably because *profitable* and “*professional*” blogging very much so IS dead. But the act of logging one’s life/activities on the Web is very much so alive and well in 2021. And though platforms have changed, the *act* of writing about THINGS is not ever going to be lost, so I don’t see why everyone has to compartmentalize it into SUCCESSFUL TREND or NOT SUCCESSFUL TREND. And if someone is doing it (just) because it is trendy, do you really want to read that blog, anyway? **I** don’t want to!nnFor three years (between 2003 – 2006) is the longest stretch I have gone sine 2002 WITHOUT maintaining *some* form of blog on the Internet. I mean, I start counting in 2006, because that was the only halfway decent blog that amounted to anything (and also got me a job once), but there was a time before that where I had a blog not unlike *this* one, that was more about “life updates” in a way.nnIncidentally, as much talk as decentralization and self-hosting has become the topic of disease these days, the first blog I ever had utilized FTP to some certain extent, looked like complete shit, and was stored *only* on the desktop PC at the ‘rents house when I was 17 (2002). Cool deal! I served it up via hyperlinks to AOL Chatrooms and Newgrounds(.com) General Forum, and “got the word out” that way. And of course I have mentioned all this before, so I won’t “go down memory lane”, but it was kinda cool. No better or worse than things are now. They just *were* as they *were*, and that was fine.nnSo, has blogging changed in the past 20 years (or *almost* 20, for me)? No. It’s just journaling online about life, mostly. Some people who are young(er) and full of piss and vinegar may want to (and might!) start the next Huffington Post or Perez Hilton (both started as blogs) and turn themselves into a big success. But as for myself, I don’t suffer such folly dreams (or, I don’t have that ambition, is a better way of putting it). I just wanna write shit all the time.nnSo, that’s what I do

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