I’m glad I went the self-segregated route. The “I’m not an annoying cuck” route. Because, my problems are not your problems. My world and my story does not need a 2,000 foot soapbox of attention to be told accurately. I just say it. As-is. And I will always do it this way.nnBut, in regards to the title of this blog post, in regards to “opinions had” – I often struggle finding opinions that are not A) my own, B) that I am comfortable just HAVING (w/o sharing), and C) finding an opinion that makes me feel like I am “*more*” or “*better*” than others. nnExample: “I like web development.”nnConclusion: it is a thing I in fact like, and I don’t need 14 different ways of expressing the reasons for which I like it to a group of strangers (or ALL strangers) across the WWW.nnI am who I am, and (in stark contrast to popular belief (that is, belief in what is *actually possible*)) I am more than OK with *who* I am. It’s whatever.nnEssentially, this (“this” being another one of *my* opinions) is yet another way of me saying that I don’t *actually* need vindication from others in order to feel good about myself. Hammering this text, expelling my thoughts, getting the words down so *I* can process them – that is reward enough.nnThanks

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