What will be written, I do not know. And I'm sure it's hella boring for someone to see a blog post about "hey, I don't know wtf I'm writing about", but, it's a journal, so that's how it goes sometimes.

Usually something manifests itself within the writing, though. So that's good. But what I am writing about here is recanting this post and this post - both of which I just finished writing. Mostly because the "gimmick"/joke/parody/whatever that I planned on doing was what I would consider "cynical", but also because the prank, itself, was going to cost me real life dollars, and that is a thing I am short on in February. In fact, the entire thing would have been a waste, because it wasn't like I would be able to make that money back in any way. So, I "scrapped" the idea - or I should say I "archived" it, until I decide (or IF I decide) to do it at another time. Fun times, though, really.

[ edit : I wrote this out, then had connectivity issues, so I thought I lost this Draft, but it's here, so I will publish it - but it is roughly two hours old, so... whatever ]