If I ever had a “niche”, a “voice”, a “narrative”, or “tone” to what my writing life is, I guess it would have to be that of journaling. I mean, when I was younger I felt like I was a natural for becoming a journalist (I had been reading ALL of the Sunday St Louis Post-Dispatch since I was 8, studied the writing styles of the journalists at that pub, liked what I saw), but for whatever reason when I was 10, I discovered that I liked short stories much more, so I decided I would just write books when I got older, instead. Then 1994 happened, and I used the Internet for the first time, and I saw that people can, and did, and do publish articles and stories and whatever else they want *themselves* online, so I figured that would be the way to go when I got older.nnFast-forward to 2006, and I was coming out of (or *starting* to come out of) the deepest, darkest, most insane (depressive) period of my life, and I knew I wanted to be a writer (I was 22, time to get my act together, right?) and I was in no position to attend college to do stuff “professionally”, and I was in no position to partake in short stories or undertake the writing of an entire book at that time, either. So, I started a blog, and that took me to some cool places (emotionally (ego boosts), professionally (I got paid to do it for a short while), and even sharpened my discipline with the consistency of writing on a day in/day out basis). nnThe pay and “professionalism” behind all that finally came to an end, when “pop culture died in 2009” (which is the name of a blog that was an ode to the (once great) celebrity tabloid blogs of the net) – so, I just started writing about *me*. *My* life, *my* story, and what *I* was up to on a daily basis. Seems to have worked out because it is all I have been doing since 2011 (10 years, wow!).nnBut, outside of just having a journaling niche, a digital diary, a log on the WWW, I’d say that I don’t see any (big) twists nor turns happening in terms of how I write or where it takes place, or what the subject matter will be, or anything like that. It’s just “life stuff”, which is as underwhelming as when Neil Degrasse Tyson says in *Cosmos* that we are all made, of…Star Stuff! I’d figure there’d be a more exciting descriptor of both what everything is made of (not just “Star Stuff”), and what my writing would evolve into (not just “a bunch of life stuff”). nnBut that’s where things are at, and where they will probably stay. Some consistent themes here and there, but nothing to really adhere to, as far as I am concerned.nnBe back later

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