I don't think a lot of folks who "tune in" (or read) this blog or tmo are here/there to read about soul suffering depression porn, so I will keep blog posts to a more "easy" matter going forward (mostly, but can't make any 100% promises).

It's Sunday evening. Nothing too "happening" or "cool" going on here. Just sort of going through a lot of emotions (which I suppose is better than "just going through "the" motions" of life), and feeling justified in them. Meaning, I deserve the genuine-ness and authenticity of my emotional state. Nothing false or non-sacred here.

But again, keeping things light.

I'm making coffee, letting in fresh air, and sort of feeling "grateful" and "appreciative", or even "celebratory" or Spring. And also, looking forward to Wednesday, when I have a therapy appointment. Those appointments are so important to me. And my therapist is terrific - the best one I've had since my first therapist back in 2006-2011. Both therapists are equally important/relevant to my well-being, I would say. Others, not as much.

Mmm, delicious coffee.

Back soon