...instead of writing about the midnight for humanity (like in this post here), I figured I would write something that actually uplifts the reader, and doesn't make them want to hang themself! Haha. So, I will write something more positive in this entry here.

It's 4:00 AM, I slept very good (around 3.5 hours) and that will be enough for me, for now. I am already energized as it is, but I figure I would start coffee anyway, after having already finished most of a Diet Cherry Pepsi. Nothing like waking up to a boatload of caffeine! ;)

mental calorie burn

I feel my mind is hyper-sensitive to burning calories faster than usual. Because the brain does burn off calories when it goes into a sort of "intense thinking mode", and I feel as though I am putting too much thought into certain things when I attempt to do them (such as web dev, or even reading a simple book). It very well could be medication-related, and I DO need to swap out my meds for better, more effective meds, but until then, I sort of just have to "deal with it". Because my doctor won't budge on altering medications, because "they seem to be working", even though the whole damn POINT of me wanting/needing to change is because "they are NOT working (properly)".

But no bother with this, something will be swapped out soon in regards to pharmaceuticals. And on that point, I DO hope the votes are there for legalizing recreational marijuana in the state of Missouri in 2022. It looks like there are going to be enough people in favor of it, but we will have to see. I may try a low dose CBD treatment sometime in the future - that could be helpful. Organic, holistic, helpful :)

Gonna look into this now...