Turns out, Elon Musk *is* buying Twitter (I could link a story here, but I am going off of headlines, because I basically never read full news articles). So, [like I noticed people saying on Mastodon earlier](, it is a good time for this to be “the final straw” and ditch Birdsite altogether and join up with Mastodon. Or not replace Twitter with anything. Or, make Masto a short term thing for a while (like I did, like methadone, almost), and then leave all social media in the dust.nnBut, any delusions of grandeur that things will “get better” in any form on Twitter is short-sighted. In fact, it is NO-sighted, because the problem with Twitter isn’t *exactly* Twitter – it is *US*. The very people complaining of it. It took a lot of introspection and contemplation on *my* part to figure that out before leaving Twitter permanently in late-2019, because before that, I was thinking: “what can be done differently?” and then I realized/recognized, *nothing* can be done differently. Because, again, the problem doesn’t *just* stem from the content/activities on Twitter, it’s the *people* who use(d) it – including myself. I was the ugliest form OF myself when I was on Twitter. I opened the app dozens (hundreds? Several hundred?) times per day, and I resented the *shit* out of myself for doing so. Each time. When something is *that* toxic, I cannot imagine having a good thing to say to anyone. Or liking *anything* about a service that had me “in it’s grips” such as that.nnMastodon, for now, is hot shit, and all the rage, because “it is 2009 Twitter” (as even *I* have said several times before). And that’s true. It’s new(er), more innocent, and sounds great in theory/on paper. But, it in all likelihood it can/will grow toxic, over time. nnBut anyway, just sharing some thoughts on this. On a blog. Longform. Like an old S.O.B., who still thinks blogs are a good thing (because they *ARE*!), and that personal spaces on the Internet are good, and that having their own website (or blog) is good, and that doing their own thing and living their own life is good. That’s all.nnback soon

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