Last night, [I wrote on (sub)TMO]( that a surprise Linode customer support ticket had been opened up on my account, due to what was later described (after writing that blog post) as a “machine failure” on the machine that had my VPS running on it. At first, they said it was going to be a 30-60 minute “emergency maintenance”, and they continued to update me through that ticket every 30 mins or so, and in between support ticket e-mails, I would get the standard notification (via E-mail) stating that my Linode “Nanode” (which is what they call a $5 per mo VPS (a term that only Linode uses, certainly not an official CS term)) had been rebooted. So each time I got one of those notifications, I assumed everything was A-OK, but after a couple of hours and several e-mail notifications later, they said the machine/drives HAD, in fact, failed, but that my VPS (and I assume many other people’s VPS’s) had been re-allocated/restored to another machine, and that everything should be ok and uninterrupted right now. nnI wasn’t *too* worried about the situation, and Linode is reputable as fxxx in terms of knowing what to do, and how to do it, etc. (they’ve been in business a long time, too), so I could rest easy knowing that whatever was going on would be fixed by the morning. nnI sound like a Boomer homeowner insurance commercial now, but I DID have peace of mind, haha. nnAnyway, it is morning now. 7:20 AM. And I will walk to BP in a bit and restock on cigs (a couple of packs) and then carry on with my day. Mostly on the balcony, I assume 🙂 definitely a good day to be out here. Blue skies, very clear and nice smelling air. Humid a bit, but still nice. And, a High of 88°. Not bad. nnI am not even going to worry about the CL posting. If someone wants to buy the speakers, they will contact me. Nothing else I can do about the posting. And in regards to the Amtrak refund – LOL! I have NO idea when that will hit my account. Maybe a week? Maybe another month? IDK. nnBack soon n

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