so I guess this does/does not make sense

I haven't put anything on in quite some time (over a month?) and that blog is finito. I am 100% on Ghost now (here on And I went and checked the views/reads of recent posts on, and all the posts from the first page have 100+ reads. Several above 150. And then I page over to Page 2, and most of those posts have 17-25 reads, which is what I seemed to be "averaging" when I put 5+ posts on there per day when I used W.a.

So, I guess I have to let the posts "permeate", or I should have went when there was an "uptick" in traffic, or whatever - but, I'm done with W.a so it doesn't matter now.

It's just a big ephemeral flow of whatever words here, anyway, so I am not losing sleep about getting/not getting readers.

Ok, that's all I'm saying on that.

Coffee is nice this evening. 7:09 PM now, so a few more hours until pay comes in.


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