It’s NYE, and I have no special plans in the pipeline. I will likely be up past midnight, but no great “Let’s go, 2022! Bring it!” attitude from me. I just hope the world is more merciful (to everyone/everywhere) in the next year. To compare/contrast, was 2021 better or worse than 2020? IDK. 2020 *seemed* bad, so 2021 was “better” because of…???nnAnd when I say “bad”, I mean The Greater State of Humanity(TM) overall. It wasn’t exactly bad for me. In fact, 2020 *and* 2021 were “feather in my cap” type of years for me, in terms of avoiding social media, medications working (properly) for (yet) another year, and continued weight loss. So, *I* can’t complain a hell of a lot.nnI suppose going into 2022, I will continue with “getting shit together” in terms of life, in general. Getting banking/finances more in line. Decluttering the apartment (stuff has been accumulating, it seems). Getting/staying on top of boosters (be it COVID or/and Flu). Getting my U.S. Passport. A number of other things have to be considered/consolidated, as well.nnAll part of a big To-Do.nnSo, I am happy with where that is at, and where that is going. After all, *I* made the To-Do list, as DOING the things on it give me a sense of “orderly” accomplishment (+ each and every task on it makes my life *that* much more easier). Good to have some sort of objectives, priorities.nnThat’s all for now. Back later.

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