It’s a cool Fall day, windy, rain ️ on the way, it’s my birthday, and I am very happy :)nnHad Little Caesar ‘za, a Monster Absolute Zero (blue), have another Monster for later, picked up smokes, got a nice card and a couple packs of Bic lighters with the card (lol), and also received the Target shower curtain order in the mail (via FedEx). Also, got some tiles to put underneath the faux fireplace (which were spare from the kitchen floor install at the ‘rents), updated the MBA to macOS Monterey, confirmed the WiFi is fine with the device, added the Hotspot to my budget for December, etc. nnA good, full day :):)nnSo all is well here. Sitting in the easy chair waiting for the rain to arrive. Gonna be a nice one! nnGonna not even *pretend* to use PDAnet+ on my device any longer, cause I know it is fxxxed, and not worth it. Instead, the Hotspot will do it’s job when it is ordered, and I can continue with web dev stuffs. Fun fun fun! nnHope everyone is well

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