Had coffee, or am currently *having* coffee, slowly sipping at it, deciding if I want to mess with Jekyll stuff again this AM. I am assuming I am doing everything correctly, but I might be messing up somewhere, missing a step. But, I can figure it out as I go along, I am sure.nnI think it will just be called “olry” (the Jekyll blog) and hosted at (which I bought for $0.99 a bit ago). I already have which I paid far too much for some months back $130(!), but I will continue to use it for years, so it is worth it. So, I still have hella stuff to figure out/configure with Jekyll, and I guess I will just host blog posts about web dev stuff. And ironically, the first four posts will be about NOT being able to use git, because I hadn’t learned git yet, but the entire point of the blog is to open source it and learn git! Appropriate.nnI’ll jump back into it here. Be back soon.

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