The toothless caveman bum who calls himself a vending machine operator has, yet again, failed to fix his busted machine, and I just paid a dollar ($1 USD) for a Snickers that is now hanging on the ledge of the crap machine that fucktard owns. I am going to mention this to the leasing office to just get the machine removed. Not fixed, not replaced, not anything - just removed. Put this moron out of business, because he has no intention of working on or providing maintenance to the machine that gradually fills with money, having ripped off 50% of the customers. That, or charged them double, when they may just want ONE thing from the machine, but instead are required to buy TWO, otherwise just have their money stolen from them.

I go on this rant, and I am somewhat reminded of another non-maintenanced service that I used to patronize every so often (or, rather daily - all day).

Speaking of which, R.w.a is a shell of it's former self. I mean, it never was "a thing" - it's always been fairly obscure, but there was a time (if more people knew about it, participated) where communication sometimes happened on there. It's almost a service of frequent, daily bloggers, and everything else tends to be glanced over, ignored. But, I stopped using it (and won't look back), and so did 50% of the community long before I bounced, and now it gets maybe a handful of updates a day. Not that it matters, other than I like to check it every so often (whenever it DOES load - rarely) and see some long lost bloggos get updated maybe a few times a year (usually it doesn't happen).

But, whatever. Aside from my own 1Feed RSS reader, I don't actually need much in terms of feeds, or timelines, and whatnot. And I certainly don't need to read/see what someone thinks/feels every 15 minutes on a microblogging platform, nor do I feel like looking at envy-inducing, perfectly Photoshopped, overly-crafted Instagram photos that are weeks in the making because some "design pro" has to get the gradients right for an influencers account.

OK, this has turned into a mega rant, but all is valid, IMO. No regrets ;)

back soon