It is Spring, which means more and more pollen will be in the air, which at this point in my life, I couldn't see that NOT irritating someone's nasal passages/ability to breathe. But, when I was younger, I never had any issues with pollen, or allergies, or sinus issues - hell, I would mow the grass at my childhood home and brush against Poison Ivy (the plant) and not even have a reaction to it. Now, a normal flower blooms and I have sneezing fits, lmao!

But here (in this particular area that I live) there are a LOT of trees and flowers and plants and everything, so when Spring hits, I actually have to wipe (somewhat thick) yellow pollen off the balcony furniture with an old t-shirt, because it just stays there and crusts up over time. The balcony of my old apartment had a permanent yellow stain to it from pollen mis-maintenance (not a word, and partially misspelled). Here, I have bright red balcony furniture, that I actually use from time to time, so I have to clean it up when the pollen settles in.

But leaving the house, opening the window, or whatever, I get to the point where I feel like I am almost breathing too clearly (like the nasal passages are sensitive), or like I could cough profusely from the "thickness" of the air.

So, that is a general hazard with Spring, I suppose. But one I gladly accept. Because Spring is significantly better than Winter.

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