I’m not sick, but I just sneezed about eight times in three minutes. (atypical blog post for the Internet, right? “let me write about how I sneezed”). But, I think it has to do with the pollen in the air. There is a lot of it here. I have the sliding glass door open, the fans running, and am making a second cup of coffee, and sneezing just…started.nnAnyway, I hear that sneezing (for whatever reason) signals a mental shift. Or a psychological shift (big difference?). And I always keep that in mind when I sneeze, ever since I heard it when I was 10 years old, or sometime around there.nnAm *I* having a type of “multi-mental” shift from these sneezes? Is what I heard 28 years back true? Am I delusional? I do not know.nnEither way, the coffee is cooling down now. The cool-ish breeze is coming through the apartment, and I feel relatively ok. The hike was very nice earlier.nnOk, I will jot some stuff later. After I have this coffee.nnback soon

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