I just realized that it has climbed to 78 degrees in my apartment. I turned off the AC about 20 mins ago, but the stove, woo boy, it does a number on the temperature in this apartment!nnBecause I made coffee, that is why the stove was on.nnBut this post is about the old/retired blog **tmo snapping**, the results have which have been given their own album on my in the [tmo snapping gallery]( Not much to shake a stick at, as it was just me focusing on some objects to photograph on a daily basis to “rekindle my penchant for photography”. Not sure I ever had a “penchant” for photography, though.nnI remember the first “real” camera I had, and it was simply the camera on my iPhone 5 (my first (and only) iPhone, too). I got the phone, and thought the camera was cool, then The Verge ran a story called [“Making perfect pictures on your iPhone”](, and I decided to try my hand at some editing tools, photo effects, etc. It was just after Xmas 2013 (which makes sense because I see that story was published on Dec. 23, 2013), and there was snow all over the place at Pevely Point Apartments (the first time I lived there, before everything went straight to Hell). So, I decided to venture out of my apartment, leave the dog (Riverdog) back at the place (where I am sure he freaked out/barked like crazy, as he was a separation anxiety-ridden animal – but he survived), and go explore around the apartment complex and see what I could snap photos of.nnI don’t *think* I have any photos saved from that small excursion. I snapped photos of plowed snow piles, of two inches of snow gathered on a bench near the clubhouse, of the snow-covered shrubbery beneath the barely moving American flag on the 20-foot tall or so flagpole, of dark gray lakes behind the complex, with snow piled up right to the shoreline. Nice photos, all of them, I thought.nnI came home and fired up whatever editing tool I was using at the time. I think I was using mostly VSCO cam, simply for their editing features (I don’t remember posting to VSCO much). It was neat to go somewhere *just* to get some shots, though. Felt adventurous, with a “wandering” element to it.nnSo, anyway, I suppose **tmo snapping** served it’s purpose, a bit. I have taken *many* more photos since I created that blog, and most of them are scattered about in random albums on [](, and I am not hesitant *TO* take a photo now. Before I would be like; “what’s the trouble? I’ll remember the scene. Or not. Who cares?” But I like looking back at stuff and have some visual log of memories from different times in life. Pleasant. nnNow I wanna go out and take some pics! LOL! it is 11:22 PM right now, and this is the most poorly lit subdivision I have ever lived in in my life, so no snaps will happen *outdoors* tonight, but…we’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll have my phone on-the-ready, and snap some random shots, probably.nnNeato!nnback soon

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