![]([So I am doing this dumb thing]( where I put a photo at the top of each blog post. It’s not “dumb”, per se, it just doesn’t really serve my purpose 100%. But photos are cool, they add a bit to the entry, so, here we go.nnWhen I started blogging in 2006, I thought it was outright blogger blasphemy to NOT include a photo with a blog post. “Just text?”, I thought. “Who wants a bunch of bullshit words in their RSS feed? Gotta have some spice to it, after all!” But then around 2012 my mindset changed when I didn’t have proper (relevant) photos to swipe from the other gossip bloggers, because I didn’t blog about gossip anymore, so that meant I either had to get some random photo from the Internet, or not have a photo at all, because my HTC Aria smartphone took 3mp shots, and it would be like barfing before the main course to read anything on my blog.nnNow I have an adequate camera, so I take a handful of snaps throughout the day, and put one atop each entry. On both **TMO** *and* **(sub)TMO**, I suppose.nnThe photo above is my cheapo Fisher-Price looking cutting board that constantly sits on my kitchen counter. Usually utilized for oranges and mangos, but sometimes it takes on the role of a plate, and it works like that, too.nnAnyway, I have other pics in the pipeline (on ready to go for more posts, and will keep takin’ photos over time. nnback soon

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