So, all the GOOD photos that I have on []( have been saved into categorized folders, and I even gave *each* photo a unique name (even if that meant just numbering them – such at “STL-1, STL-2”). There were PLENTY of superfluous photos that were not worth saving at all, and those will just stay on, and not even be put into a specific Gallery.nnBut, I have:nn- STLn- Pevely photos (why I would want to remember that place, IDK)n- Nature photosn- random photosn- tech photosnnAnd then I also have a “dev stuffs” folder all set aside and ready to put saved away to the SSD, as well (which I also have saved to pCloud, and will of course keep on my local machine for easy access, too :))nnSo, the photo naming/saving was a bit tedious, but what the hell else do I have to do at this hour?

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