The morning was a tumultuous one. I didn't have any food in the apartment that could be considered a full "meal", and I had to wait for either Schnucks or BP to open so I could go get some grub. I decided to wait the extra hour and go to BP at 7:00 instead of just going to Schnucks at 6:00. I went and got something to eat and a soda. All good

While I waited (four hours!) for BP to open, I basically did nothing else but nearly chainsmoke and drink either coffee or water. Nothing else to be consumed, other than my hunger consuming ME and my emotional well being. I got home after BP and ate the snack slowly, because I thought I would get sick if I just harfed the whole thing down in one go. I feel better/refreshed.

But still, the smoking needs to tamper down now. And that is kind of the pain in the ass when it comes to smoking cigarettes - when someone (me) starts the day by smoking a lot, then it tends to be hard to slow it down throughout the day. If I start the day with a single cig, and moderately pace myself throughout the day, I can usually go an entire day with less than a full pack of smokes. When I start the day choo-coo-ing away at the damn things, it becomes a constant habit throughout the day.

Anyway, smoking fucking sucks. Don't start. Don't bother. Waste of money and overall health.

Now the morning continues on. It's Sunday. Slow and quiet here.

Through some miracle, the "" domain is still active on this blog, even though it has been "expired" on GoDaddy for several days. Maybe they are giving me some sort of "grace period" before they decide to retain the domain for themselves? Not that anyone will want it or buy it. And I can't buy it, because I have my monies allocated for other things in life (excessive domain purchasing is a lame habit to partake in, anyway). Either way, the thing is going to be lost and I will have to configure this blog to work with "", which I already talked about, so no point in elaborating on that ish again.

OK, back later