Just fetched a pack of Lucky Strikes and a Monster Green, because it’s a nice day for a Monster Green, haha. nnThe sun is out 100% right now, and it is very nice. Curious if we will get significant snow this year, because it seems to be true that this is a warmer/drier Winter in the Midwest. I *thought* it would be a “standard year” for Missouri weather in 2021 – a FULL Spring, a hot (but not too humid) Summer, a FULL Fall, and a snowy early-Winter, and all those things are true except for the snowy December. Pretty close, though. Next year, it will likely go back to NO Spring, humid (and long) Summers, and a deep-chill Winter, but, whatever.nnAlso, I am thinking about making a big purchase of a five(5!) pound bag of Hearth and Home Louisiana Red Bulk tobacco (or, nearly a year’s worth of leaf) and jarring/storing it properly, in a cool/dry place (my kitchen cabinet), and just having plenty of tobacco on-hand, and not worrying about making a monthly purchase as an expense every month. I could definitely see myself “codgering” on a daily basis (that is, just smoking the same stuff year-round, every year – no other special purchase blends need be made). I DID visit tobaccopipes(.com) and looked at the five pound bulk orders of that particular blend, they are Out Of Stock, but, I entered my e-mail to be notified on when it will be back in-stock, and hopefully I will hear something soon. I would still need some extra mason jars, but that shouldn’t be a problem.nnThing is, I have been thinking more and more about just going the “codger route” in terms of pipe smoking. And that is basically what I do now – smoke the same blend 90% of the time, and only dip into a small tin here and there, but mostly stick with a bulk blend for my day-in/day-out. I have a good pipe (and another one on the way), and I know both of them would be good “work horses” in terms of not smoking too wet, or getting clogged easily (the Rossi custom pipe is no longer “custom” as the original stem fixed itself from whatever issues it was having, and now it is back to it’s original form, and ever since part of the stem (not mouthpiece) cracked just a *little* bit, it smokes like a dream now – weird).nn**What is a codger, anyway?**nnA codger, is someone who is like an old-time pipe smoker. Someone who always had a pipe present, ready to go, smoked on a regular basis, and in terms of tobacco, it was always a **regular** blend for them. They didn’t stray too far from the same old/same old blend they were used to, and didn’t *have* to visit a dedicated tobacconist for their leaf (though they could, and some people (like Einstein and Tolkien) smoked decent blends from tobacconists, and just had it always on the ready). But usually when people are referring to “codger blends”, they are referring to the OTC/drugstore blends which I will not mention them all here, as there are about a dozen or so, but they are usually light aromatic blends (or, have a slight flavor/aroma to them, and generally smell fairly nice). But, **a** codger, would be someone who had a pretty habitual relationship/routine with their pipes and tobacco, and didn’t make everything a “ritual” or buy into the culture of “a different blend for every smoke”, or anything like that (not that there is anything wrong with that, but that is certainly not how I do things, and not how a codger would, either).nnJust thinking aloud.nnBack laternn

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