More or less planning out some future tattoos. I know that I am getting the Geisha on my left forearm when I get a tax return, and it will be large, in black and grey, and done at Steel & Ink Studio – will be great. But there are some other tattoos I could get before, or at the very least *after* that tattoo is gotten. One of them I mentioned on here before; the tooth inside the solid black heart – but, now I want to get a “Joe Cool” Snoopy tattoo, too. Not one of him wearing the sweater that *says* “Joe Cool” on it, just one of Snoopy leaning against a wall with sunglasses on, *looking* quite cool :)nnI’ve been a fan of the Peanuts (Charlie Brown) characters my entire life. Ever since my sister “D” bought me “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on VHS from a U-Gas gas station at the end of the road we lived on when I was growing up, at the age of five or so, I’ve been keeping up with the franchise ever since. I read the Peanuts cartoons in the newspaper years ago, saw all the holiday specials (in fact, I *owned* all the holiday specials on DVD at one point), and I watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” every year around Xmas time. And Snoopy, of course is my favorite character – cause he’s imaginative and amazing.nnSo, I think it’s right I get a tattoo on my arm to show my appreciation. And technically, since there will be no grey shading with the piece, it would be considered a “blackwork” style tattoo (almost all black ink, no other colors nor shading applied). Not to be confused with a blackout tattoo, which usually consists of large swaths of skin being colored in solid black (like a black arm, black leg, or even a body suit of solid black ink). I like both styles of blackwork *and* blackout – but I think blackwork suits my style of tattoos I already have on my body, even though I don’t have any blackwork, yet – everything I have is black and grey except for a couple pieces.nnSo, all in due timennback later

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