small refresher nap, coffee intake, and a cooked brain from sun exposure

After a shower, to clear off the grime and gunk from dried sweat from this morning's hike (gross, sorry), I was feeling refreshed and renewed, so I lay down for a nap, and got in roughly an hour of rest. Then, I was (am) up with coffee, cleaned the kitchen, and sort of notice/feel like my brain is mildly "cooked" from the continual sun exposure from the hike, haha. Not in a "bad", unhealthy way (though likely not healthy, either), just like my chemistry altered a bit from the 80+ degrees temps (+ sunlight) right on my cranium, for 1.5 hours of hiking.

It is what it is. I'll be fine.

And this coffee is delish, too. Instant espresso.

95 degrees out and a Heat Advisory is in effect. But I will visit Neighbor "S" shortly here soon, anyway, and see how things went at his doctor appt.

I will call the Metro Call-A-Ride office here shortly, and see what's what when it comes to the ADA paperwork, and what I have to do now.

But, today I got in the hike, and will get in a resistance band session this evening, as I was lazy last night, didn't do it.

The stainless steel trash can from has not arrived today, but it will be here tomorrow. It initially said Aug. 10, but they updated it to Aug. 9 (tomorrow), so that is good. Long overdue for a proper trash can. Trash bags are already acquired. I'm all set. Great times ahead! LOL!

On with the show

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