**A small realization last night**: I can do a Private repo. For **Thanx**, that is. At least at *first* it would be a Private repo while the thing gets built, and it becomes v.0.1. I thought I would have to have the whole thing more or less functional/complete before I put it on Github, but it can just be a Private repo for the time being, and I can get it ready for Public availability when I am ready (which I think will be by the end of Winter 2021/22).nn**Another small realization last night**: I was doing the database insert method all wrong when it came to posting to a Thanx Inbox – I need to have some sort of `id` affiliated with the entry. So: nn- someone enters in 500 chars (or less) into the `textarea`nn- clicks on “Send Thanx!”nn- that “Send Thanx” button (when clicked) generates a small unique `id`, of sortsnn- the message (with `id`) goes into the dbnn- then when someone logs into their Thanx Inbox, the db fetches that message via the `id` “call number” (which I will refer to it as)nn- then said message is waiting for them in their Thanx InboxnnSee, right now, any/all messages sent through a Thanx URL (such as WILL go through, but NOTHING goes to a db, so that person (the one possessing that UN with that particular Thanx URL) has to be logged in *at that moment* in order to see any messages. Hence why a db is necessary to begin with. So they can check it once a day, or however often, and their messages will be there waiting.nnIn a sense, it is more akin to e-mail than it is to SMS (yet completely different from BOTH).nnAnd this, this is the core functionality of **Thanx** (what I described above) – **public mesaging** through a unique URL that goes to a **private inbox**. Yet, it relies very little on e-mail whatsoever (other than one needs an e-mail to sign up).nnCrazy simple, crazy lightweight, and I may have set the bar too low in terms of building out a “freshman product”. But what does one expect from a novice autodidact who is just having fun? Haha!nnBack laternn

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