Listened to a fair amount of No Doubt, some Gwen Stefani solo stuff, some Hayley Williams solo stuff, and I tried out the playlist recommended by Darko Audio, but to be honest I didn't really care for anything on it. Not everything is everyone's thing.

But the other tracks I listened to I liked :)

9:00 PM now, coffee is finished, and I finished a pipe of VA/Per tobacco, and my stomach is mostly settled, I think. I think it took the entirety of the day to recover from the three pill mixture from this morning (and the vomiting that followed). The headache has mostly gone away. It was the hat that was manifesting the headache, I think.

In 12 hours (9:00 AM), I will make my way to Schnucks and get some groceries. I would love to go "all-fruit" for a few days, and consume nothing but raw foods, but, the Schnucks shelves are void of fresh/edible produce (at least the last time I was there). But tomorrow, I am getting cooked/dinner type of foods, because I need to have some cooked things, sometimes.

I really am sitting here, looking at the TV, wishing I had active WiFi to utilize the Chromecast, and find some cool ish on YT or Plex, or whatever, to watch. I mean, I can do that stuff online, but it is different/better with a 42 inch television set! Plus, I just like the interface of the Chromecast much better. And also the fact that streaming is just a moment away when I pick up the Chromecast remote. I can do that and do other ish on the laptop when I am viewing/watching whatever. Multi-tasking, in a way.

So, WiFi will be needed when April rolls around. I'll order up the AT&T router/modem (both devices in a single unit with that service now), and pay whatever activation fees/costs with it, and get the apartment "up and running" the first week of April, ideally. That will open up a lot of doors for me - Chromecast, any type of Raspberry Pi rig I may decide to build, and mostly, NOT being booted from my tethering application all the time when I am tethering from PDAnet+ from my phone to the MBA.

It will be nice to be Internet'd up again :)

Ok, back later