I decided to start taking the new psyche med in the morning. Instead of at night, because I have to eat something with it, and I always have breakfast, but not necessarily a midnight snack. So, mornings it will be.

So after doing so, I made a small jaunt to BP, and fetched a couple sodas. The sun rays are coming in through the blinds, and the sliding glass door is open, the birds are chirping, the air is nice and cool (47F), and it is quite nice.

Tomorrow, grocery shopping and laundry. Might be put off until Saturday, but likely tomorrow (Friday).

Today, no special plans

I don't feel "up" for anything, either. Not really in the mood/mode for hiking, and wouldn't want to anyway, due to the other issue having not cleared up 100%, yet (it's getting better though, I am sure).

I am in less pain, less leg twitches, less soreness, and less sensitivity lately, though. The tooth and those affiliated pains have subsided 100%, for sure. And I am also thankful as fxxx that I am off Tylenol, Motrin, et al. So, overall, on the mend in a good way.

Certainly glad I got a couple other "life necessities" taken care of recently, too. Such as adding a chunk o' change to the Linode account, as that is what I consider a "life necessity" (self-hosting a blog + being able to do some dev work at the drop of a hat), as well as ordering the floor fan (a thing that will prove invaluable in the fair weather months).

All is well.

back soon