I am watching this 1 hr documentary called [Ten Years of Mayhem | Black Metal Documentary](, which is about the initial start of the band Mayhem in 1980. I didn’t actually know they went back that far, and the “early days” were foggy for me, because there tends to be limited info about it/them on Wikipedia (Wikipedia has much more time devoted to the madness that erupted in the early-1990s). nnAnd yea, with the Black Metal scene in Norway in the early-1990s, there is definitely a “perverse fascination” with what all went on – the same way the book *Green River Killer*, or Truman Capote’s *In Cold Blood* have a “crazy murder mystery” element to it.nnBut, I wanted to see what the band was like *initially*, and they tend to highlight a bunch of that stuff.nnI had to stop at the part where the narrator described the makings of their first (official) demo, *Deathcrush*, though, cause he said their first (unofficial) demo, *Pure Fucking Armageddon*, was tame in comparison to *Deathcrush*, which concerned “Gore, Necrophilia, The Antichrist, and chainsaws” – way to make a statement!nnNow, of course all this stuff is (like Death Metal) just “for show”, up until the 1990s, when batshit ideologists (a few) got “into” that scene (Black Metal) and started to do *actual* terrible shit. nnBut, the lo-fi elements to the sound, how it is basically an “experiment in lo-fi sonic elements, done through Heavy Metal” (I am not quoting an actual person there, just putting it into “my own words”, sorta), and how it, like all Outsider Music, is conducted by amateurs who knew nothing (at the time) of making sonically (not a word?) diverse music, and were kinda/sorta “winging it” makes the genre interesting to me. nnSome bands still do that. And there is certainly a lot of Outsider Music still around to this day, but I think the early Norwegian scene did that style of music (via Metal) the best way anyone has, that *I* have heard.nnJust some words on what I am watching. Back to the video!nn

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