Did my best to avoid puddles, and for the most part, avoided puddles, but it was a wet walk to Schnucks just now (the ground, that is – it wasn’t raining and *I* stayed dry). I got iced coffee (mmm), and a 5-pack of Bic lighters, so those will last me quite some time. Thanx to my sister for the Schnucks gift card :)nnNow, I am having VA/Per tobacco and some International Delight Vanilla java in the warmth of my apartment. nnMy leg, it’s doing OK. No bad pain during the walk, but I kept it slow, and stayed at a steady pace there/back. Now, I will work on some dev stuff (what I can) as I have iced coffee. nnSo, I cannot install xcode (or Homebrew) until I get a faster/better Internet connection (or get *to* a faster/better Internet connection), and as far as long term connectivity in my apartment goes, I went ahead and added a WiFi hotspot to my cart from Cricket Wireless ($80) and will order that in December when I pay my phone bill. Then, I will not have to fuss with the tethering app, slow speeds, and won’t be bottlenecked anymore from tethering with PDAnet+. But, I will do my best to install xcode/homebrew/+ other things *when* I get to a good WiFi connection before December. Also, I will update the OS on this machine at that time, as well.nnLong story short, a slight delay in what I was wanting to do, but no big deal, because it isn’t like there is a “time crunch” or anything with this stuff, haha.nnBut yea, a WiFi hotspot *could* be a game changer for me. As I could (maybe) forgo a phone altogether – or at least forgo a *smartphone* altogether. I have a love/hate relationship with smartphones – either I want to use them *exclusively* (and basically never a desktop enviro), or I want to be without a smartphone altogether, and just rock a cheap feature phone (even if it means giving up certain amenities). I could still do calls/texts (obviously) but some (many/most) would have to go by the wayside. I will look into it.nnback later

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