Woke up, started coffee,  opened the blinds (light snow), checked e-mail, confirmed the long-awaited lamp is, in fact, on the FedEx vehicle and is Out For Delivery (hooray!), and also saw via e-mail that a good friend, Mike, replied to this blog post, in regards to where/how I was hung up with the git method (or protocol - however one would go about describing what "git" is (I just call it "the git protocol")). So, now I've learned another thing, and I will spare details until I start to "jump into" the task at hand for the day (which is getting git installed on my VPS (as git is already on the MBA via Homebrew (after I fire up the specific instance I want for this (remote) dev environment))). So, yes, effectively, there is an answer to being able to do what it is that I desired to do in terms of getting file(s) from point A (the text editor - in this case Atom) to Point B (the VPS filesystem - which in this case it is a Linode VPS running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). The "nitty gritty" will be explored further, but right now I must finish coffee, and get a few other things going for the morning (such as having breakfast, and probably more coffee :)).

back soon