After having finished coffee, I sip a Diet Mt Dew, and flip on the floor fan to create an extra breeze throughout the room. Best purchase I made in recent months, for sure.

So, in regards to hammering out words (worth writing or worth reading), I sometimes come up short with just what to write that could be considered "worthwhile". I can kinda/sorta see where people are coming from with the "one blog post per day" approach to publishing online content. That level of frequency usually doesn't work with me, because I just enjoy the action of writing too much, and enjoy "hearing myself think", or, "reading my own words", and have kind of fallen in love with what the brain does, how the brain thinks when I am in the process of putting text to editor. Kind of a mental gear shift in a lot of ways - satisfying.

I can see other crafts being this level of satisfactory - music creation, video editing, or even podcasting. But I cannot do any of those things. Or I have no actual desire to do any of those things (besides piss around with experimental "noise" music on a rare occasion when the mood strikes).

I could refer to this as a "zen-like" state of being when I write - but that is not accurate, at all. I can be totally flustered and frustrated when I am writing. Or groggy from having just woken up. Or on the edge-of-my-seat wired from immense amounts of caffeine. Or just sort of lazily painting words onto the editor like a half-assed artist in front of canvas - cigarette dangling from mouth, beverage in-hand. Or totally in-line and synchronized with the words being written, and hammering out 500+ words in one go, and making very few typos. However it gets done, I just do it. Don't care.

And also, I sort of notice - there takes a certain amount of patience to write something. I generally tend to stop after a few sentences, and kind of look up and over the laptop screen to think of what to write next, or look off to the side of room, or pause to sip coffee, or just take down a few drags of a cigarette. 9 times out of 10 I don't write an entirety of a blog post, or longform post, or short fiction, or anything with one consistent "flow" of writing. A lot of hiccups, and delays, and interruptions, and writing something completely different from what I sat down and intended to write. Unless I just think my initial idea was/is very good, in which case I will then write exactly that, and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

It's fun though. I'll keep at it.

back soon