Slept about four hours, so that is pretty good. Now, I am wide awake and ready for the day. The wind finally calmed down outside, too. I don’t hear heavy gusts or wind chimes anymore.nnAlso, I thought this apartment wouldn’t suffer the fate of the old apartment, but it did – a little over a year after moving in, and the floors have started to warp all to hell. Not *every square inch* like the last apartment, but *some* of this apartment, and that is enough for me to consider moving. Even though the neighborhood is good, I have never seen a more poorly maintained grounds for any apartment complex, ever.nnSo, I am considering Captiva Crossing Apartments up on Meramec Bottom Road, *or* another place near a QT gas station right off Telegraph. In fact, both are right next to a QT. Different QT’s, haha. nnMore on this at another time.nnGonna be time for breakfast soon. Be back later.

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