From ~9:00 until 1:00 AM (AKA now). I hope everyone out there who is brave (or dumb) enough to take their lives into their own hands for a Black Friday deal is staying safe (I really do). I love being safe and warm on the day after Thanksgiving, instead of out in the muck of it. I likely won’t go anywhere today whatsoever, and I am A-OK with that.nn**Mustachioed**nnI have grown a killer mustache in the past week. It’s grown in thicker and fuller than I expected, and I actually *like* having it this time around. Usually I want to shave the thing after five days. It’s gonna stick around awhile, I think.nnNow, I have a Mt Dew I got from the vending machine earlier (not diet, because there is no diet soda in the machine). But that is OK. nnAnd speaking of food (the day after Thanksgiving), I brought home but a single slice of pumpkin pie after the festivities, because any/all foods that I would eat (aka vegetarian stuff) was gone by the time we started to consolidate leftovers into proper tupperware, and foil wrappers. I don’t think they will have a problem having turkey or ham sandwiches for the foreseeable future (there was a *lot* of that), and I think their apple/pumpkin pie quota is met for the remainder of the year, lol.nnI think I will fire up some coffee and continue on with the morning.nnBack later

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