Five hours of sleep – didn’t expect that. Glad I got it though. I actually feel *groggy* at this hour, slowly sipping coffee, trying to think of something to write. Nothing too special coming to mind, though, haha.nnAfter therapy, I am going to try to catch a ride to Schnucks. Food must be bought and I do not want to go there on Saturday (Saturday before Thanksgiving!) when everything will be pure chaos.nnSpeaking of which, Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year. I *feel* like it has been five days since my birthday (which was the day before yesterday), and yet, it feels like there is another two weeks before Thanksgiving, which is this Thursday.nnIt will be a good Thanksgiving, though. I decided to go to the event at my niece’s house, as it will be there yearly and it is a good chance to socialize, and just have fun. Plus it is my Great Nephew’s first Thanksgiving, and though he will not remember it (under 1 year old), it will still be neat for him/us.nnRight now, I am slowly putting away this coffee, absorbing the “awakeness” of the morning, awaiting the sun to rise.nnSo, let me start up the morning. Be back soon!

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