I can’t sleep tonight. I tried (twice) but I keep waking up. So, awake I will stay until I’m literally wasted from exhaustion and *can’t* stay awake any longer. Fuck.nnI’m making coffee to zap my ass awake and keep me wired for a good long while, so I don’t have to deal with this lethargic feeling anymore tonight.nnAnd by the by, the tobacco order did NOT arrive, and other than Informed Delivery telling me that it is “Arriving Late”, I have no other info whatsoever. USPS is seriously the worst delivery service under the sun. Ever since it was nearly defunded (for a time) under Trump, and never RE-funded again (properly) in the years following, it has been a 24 karat shitshow ever since. Which is a shining example of nearly ever facet of United States government. Shame on all of us/them/everyone.nnBack later

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