Coffee cools in the mug as I sit at the desk at 10:45 PM, wide awake, and drag down *another* Edgefield non-filter cigarette (or, a “nonny” as I call them). I had poor sleep in the past 24 hours (been up since 3:00 AM, roughly). So, later I will sleep better, I hope. nnAnd this night (like nearly all nights) there is a considerable ambiance of solitude in my mind. The concept of “mental ambiance” is probably lost on anyone who doesn’t have some sort of psychological condition, but I’ve noticed different times in my life where the moments *seem* more quiet. Of course, this “solitude” only really arrives at night, as during the day there is sunshine, things happening outside, and the **opportunity** to go out and do stuff. When it is past 10:00 PM, I am in for the night, and the neighbors are asleep, dogs stop barking, and the outdoors become noiseless. nnI guess that is most nights for people, really.nnAnyhow, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing alright – nothing different or special happening in my world this evening. Back later.

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