I saw the package of Wild Berry Skittles in the vending machine when I was fetching a pop at the laundromat just now, and so I bought a package, and ate all of them, and now my stomach is churning, and I've had too much sugar. Haha.

Not a sugar guy. Not a candy guy. But this was a sweet treat for S&G's.

I wrote/photographed the things on tmo snapping, because I needed something to photograph for the day's photo. So that's that.

Now the clock strikes 4:20 PM, and whatever that needed to get done for the day has been done. The sun continues to pound down on the apartment. Cruising at a steady 93 degrees outside now. Hello, Summer.

Not much else happening in this neck of the woods. No Amtrak refund that I am aware of, yet. So hopefully that arrives soon. And I will make note of it here when it does.

back soon