From about 2:30 - 8:30 AM, I slept. Haven't slept that long in one shot in a fairly long time. It feels great, lemme tell ya! So now, I have coffee and wait for 12:30 to roll around, when I will be going to the 'rents and helping take down Xmas lights from outside (which we forgot to do last week). While I do that, I will do a load of laundry over there, and possibly take care of some other things.

Anyway, last night when I was sitting here, sleepless (as was the case until 2:30, when I finally zonked right out), I decided to move the Polk Audio speakers (+ stands) into the living room, and they are now flanking the new TV console.There is juuust enough room for them, and they look good. And the "plans" for them, are to just have them there and connected to the integrated amp (whenever I buy it) and have basically two inputs with the speakers - one input for use with Tidal on my phone (which would be connected via RCA-to-3.5mm into the amp), and one input for the TV (which would be connected via RCA-to-RCA into the amp). But, mostly I would be using the speakers for Tidal, as I am not a big fan of listening to YouTube and other stuff through the speakers. I don't know why. They just seem to me like "music speakers", not "home theatre" speakers. Plus, there's a lot of UPS and DOWNS to audio on a YT video (depending on who made the video and how they edited it), as where the volume is fairly consistent on any given song, or album, when it comes to professionally mixed/mastered/whatever, music.

For Now, the coffee is good. Or was good, it is finished now. And I have somewhat of a busy day ahead of me. Good deal.

back soon