…feeling fine” – *Crush* – Dave Matthews Bandnn![](, man – they’re a nightmare. I just scrolled through a page of results on Tidal for the song “Crush” by Dave Matthews Band, after highlighting the artists name on Tidal. It’s one of the most successful songs of the late-90’s, but a bunch of other random tunes got played more often on Tidal by him, so Tidal didn’t recognize that that song was anything special, and should be put atop the search results. It’s subjective, anyway – not like “Crush” is the gold standard of good music from 1998, and an algorithm can’t listen to the radio, and **I** didn’t search for “Crush” in particular, because I was trying to *remember* the song name, and then there it was, a page and a half down; “oh yes! Crush! That’s the song name! Let’s queue it up!”nnSo anyway, I snapped this photo out on my balcony, and thought of the song, and am listening now.nnOther songs will be played, too.nnback soon

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