So let’s do a bloggo post! :PnnI am somewhere in Minnesota I think. Last I saw that is where I am at, anyway. The sky and outdoors are pitch black, of course. No city lights. And soon we will make our way through Wyoming, then South Dakota, then Idaho, then to Portland Oregon (aka through *most* of Oregon, but I will complete the journey myself when I make my way coastside :))nnSo, a fine trip. No sleep since forever ago though. And I need sleep and I cannot fare well with NO sleep throughout May 2, when I reach my destination. nnAnyway, in the morning I will visit the cafe, snack area, or whatever here on the Amtrak, and I will get a quasi decent breakfast AND coffee, because I haven’t had coffee throughout the day yesterday. So, looking forward to 6:00 AM rolling around. And also the next “fresh air break”, where I can plow down a couple of Marlboro Red 100 cigs. nnBack soon

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