Just putting it out there that it is beneficial to *just write* whenever and however you like. Like, in general. In life. Doesn’t have to be a blog. When I get the urge/craving/impulse to write, I just DO it – no thinking involved. Perhaps this is why I am such a proponent of **intentional writing** (the act of just putting my fingers on the keyboard and INTENDING to write, no matter what happens) because if I didn’t have that muscle memory reaction to having the desire/impulse to hammer some text, then I may find it a struggle to “*drag*” myself I to a writing position WHEN it came time to write something. nnEven if you are bored, and can’t think of anything to do, just get in the writing position and chill until something comes to mind. And then just “think-write” (or, write whatever the hell it is that you are thinking in that moment). Remove mental, emotional, even spiritual barriers to the text, and just get that shit down!nnAlso (just speaking for me here) deleting a bunch of stuff is counter-productive. Just write out whatever, and edit the grammar, syntax, spelling, etc. as best you can, and THEN hit **publish**, but NEVER delete a blog post. *Especially* when first starting a blog or a journal. Because you have to have to be “on the record” so to speak, or have a history of (some) “failure” blog posts. The trash(y), no good, immature, “God, why did I write that?” posts for you (or anyone) to go back and look on to SEE (read) precisely where you came from. How far you’ve come. Gotta fall a few times before you walk. That’s living. That’s life. And that’s blogging.

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