So, even though I took a BIG step away from **Thanx** the other day, my therapist more or less convinced me (or, I convinced myself) to keep at it for a while. So, I revisited the project just a bit ago, and tried to change some stuff around, or at least *see* where I *was* at previously, and I have my bearings again, I think.nnBut, I *really* do think the method of putting messages directly into a (custom-built (by me (gah!))) message board system (though, not a forum, at all) is going to be significantly more difficult than I had imagined (indeed, it has proven to be just THAT). So, I could “pivot” and go with an e-mail form fill method, but then that is simply asking people (whoever signs up) to **trust** ME with their e-mail address. Why would anyone do that? Granted, I am already asking for an e-mail address, either way, so, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much over that one :/nnMore on this later

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