simple stuff for a simple afternoon

Workout tonight. Looking forward. Fun times :)

Visiting Neighbor "S". Sat in (near) the rain. He was hungover, I sipped coffee - conversation went all over the place. It's all good.

Now I have a mini can of espresso. Dapper.

had a shower a moment ago, too. Trimmed up the eyebrows, as well. Mostly to lessen the amount of unibrow-like hair coverage. Haha.

Made up a small Amazon cart. A plastic patio chair for Neighbor "S" (which we can both benefit from when I am over there), two pairs of Darn Tough socks, and a package of 3 x 5 notepads for quick jots at IC.

September budget is made up, too. Most things are accounted for. Nice.

Overcast, delightful. Nice afternoon.

I don't know why I jot all this other than the caffeine through the bloodstream. Automatically gets my fingers a -movin'.


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