I made a Tombstone cheese ‘za for lunch, but only ate a couple slices of it (I could never eat an *entire* pizza in *one* sitting!), and while that was cooking, I took out the trash, organized the pantry, organized the kitchen cabinets, started dishes, got rid of some excessive paperwork that had been piling up in the walk-in closet – just cleaned up around the apartment in general.nnI also organized the tobacco shelf (in one of the kitchen cabinets), organized the spice rack (again, in a kitchen cabinet), cleaned off the desk, made the place tidy. Sunny Sundays are a good day for cleaning, I suppose 😉 I also have the sliding glass door open, the central fan running, letting in maximum sunshine (which is a lot at this apartment), and just enjoying a refreshing day inside :)nnNot a whole lot to do today, so I figured I would make the most of inside activities. Hikes can/will start happening again in mid-December, and I am looking forward to it. Today would be *perfect* hiking weather, but my leg is still rigid on occasion, and I do not want to risk re-injury.nnWednesday, I do a bunch of running around, get bills paid, go to the ‘rents and move some holiday decor *up* from downstairs, and the stuff (decor) that is upstairs will go *down* to the storage shelves. There are also boxes that need to be broken down, things organized over there, etc. The moms is capable of doing *some* of this stuff herself, but why have her do it when anyone can do it real fast when they are visiting? One of the benefits of old(er) age, I suppose – you don’t have to do a whole lot for yourself (housework-wise) when someone else can do stuff for you. But I, personally, never want to leave anything (housework-wise or other) up to someone *else* to do for me when I can just do it myself. But I have always been hellbent on taking care of life’s necessities myself, so…yea.nnAnyway, we are going to have a family visit over there in early-December and that is when *all* the decor will be put up (outdoor lights are already finished), including the tree, the large, plastic Santa for the front porch, and a dozen+ other things. I will also (probably, maybe) pick up a *real* tree at Karsch’s Market on Wednesday (for myself), as well as bring home my tote of Xmas decor. There is another place in Jefferson County that sells trees (the name of which I cannot recall), but it is 100x’s easier to just go to Karsch’s down the street from where the ‘rents live and pick up a tree (+ stand) there, instead. So, that will be cool. Not 100% sure where I will put the tree once I have it, but I will figure it out. I don’t think the speaker/desk/TV setup that I mentioned in the last blog post will be set up in my apartment before Xmas anyway, so I should have plenty of room for a tree. nnAnd as far as “getting the bills paid” that I mentioned, it will mostly be done online that Wednesday. The budget is complete, except I need to know *exactly* what I am ordering for each of my two sisters, and get those things purchased, as well. And I will fast-track the Cricket Wireless Hotspot for delivery (*if* they give me multiple shipment options), as well as fast-track the delivery of the pipe tobacco, which I need to get my hands on right away. I may even pay a bit extra and do a 2-Day delivery method, if I can, as that is usually an option with TobaccoPipes(.com). BUT, it will definitely NOT be a USPS method, because they suck now. It’s true.nnOK, enough rambling. Be back in a bit!

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