Went out on the balcony, had a smoke. The weather has warmed up a bit. Still overcast, and that’s fine. Neighbors are in the parking lot, messing with a car. Others walk by with their dogs. Birds chirp. Cars come and go. The same old/same old. nnSo I made a Party Pizza for supper, and it was nice. Then (now) I retired to the bedroom desk, and sit in front of the window (that is open) and write while birds sing away, and fresh air comes through the apartment. nnThe sun will set soon enough. Not that I can *see* the sun, but it will be dark soon. Sunny day tomorrow, I hope. And warm(er) weather, too.nnI am glad I decided to NOT sell the posting on CL. Didn’t “need” to, and over time, didn’t “want” to, either. I de-listed it, and let the offer dry up (the last offer was “how little will you take”, which I LOL’d at, and didn’t reply, haha). nnIn regards to money, and “getting by” for the next couple weeks, I will be ok, I think. The CL posting was to “see me through” until money came my way, and luckily it DID (with the Amtrak refund), so, all is good. Tobacco will arrive in the mail soon, as will the vintage tobacco pipe, plus accessories. I put $$ on the laundry card this morning (+ did laundry), and I have food on hand, and some moolah to get more food. TP was bought, as well as other things. I am good :)nnSo, other things to mention? IDK. I’m all “worded out” in terms of things to hammer text about.nnMore BS will come my way soon enough. And I’ll write about those things then.nnback soon

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