A Terminal monitor. Like a small, simple 1080p monitor, that is roughly five(5) inches in width, and twenty(20) inches in height, and would have one USB-C port, and one HDMI port. A savvy little stand for it. Hyper portable. Lightweight. No bezel. And that's it. Drag the Terminal over to that bad boy and have all the room one would need for their CLI stuffs :)

Feel free to steal this idea so I can buy one.

Anyway, I have been pricing different external displays, just for S&G's. And also because I had to do some serious window management stuff the other day when I was working with the fetch array BS for Thanx, as I had to manage Atom, and Terminal, an Text Edit, and Firefox all on one, small, 13 inch MacBook screen. Crazy sauce. And I am not 100% sold on getting an external display just yet, but damn, it would help.

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