Though, I don’t know if it is a “holy” night. I am listening to Morbid (the band Pelle “Dead” Ohlin was in before he joined Mayhem). I’ve talked about them before, so I will not go into it here.nnWas just in the mood for some Death/Black Metal tonight, so I will listen to just said genres 🙂 I will also have more coffee and more VA/Per tobacco. nnI got sick earlier from the pancake dinner I had – was too rich, sugary. nnAlso, I notice that I am lacking some form of “color” in my life. Or, things that spark genuine interest in the day-to-day state of being. I tend to be in some gray area, in some form of malaise and I do not like it, at all. I need to read more, listen to more music, lighten my attitude a bit.nnDoesn’t matter *what* I read, or *what* music I listen to – just so long as I do so. nn

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