show that package who's boss

This is an actual package I just received from FedEx. It contained two white t-shirts, one of which I am wearing right now, which were in fine condition (shirts are flexible).

It's amazing, though, that delivery men/women just sort of DO this to people's (soon-to-be) stuff. USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx - treat that box of junk like nobody wants it. Amazon doesn't do this, but then again if a complaint ever came against an Amazon delivery driver, they'd be out of work and driving for Uber by week's end, so they tend to "take care" when dropping off people's stuff.

Like, what happened to this box? Did they put big, heavy boxes on top of this one? Do they know that big/heavy things weigh more than tiny boxes?

I've seen YT videos about this - driver's kicking boxes over gates, half-assedly tossing them onto a porch, and even chucking them onto the roof of a house! It's like, a thing a lot of drivers do.

So that's weird

Anyhow, I hope my trashcan doesn't arrive in a state like this. I mean the box will be busted to shit, as it is not from Amazon, but hopefully the rage and insecurities of the driver aren't severe enough to cause them to mangle the package to the extent that the interior gets damaged.

I found this amusing.

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