Went to Schnucks, got some soda, and a Monster (tisk tisk), and some iced coffee. More or less just trying to stimulate my digestion today, so no food of any kind was bought, and I will not be taking my stomach meds today, either, because I have had what feels like a rock sitting in my stomach for 24 hours. Just a bad combination of foods yesterday, I think. And I tossed that organic peanut butter in the trash, as it is essentially sand, even when stirred properly. May as well eat clay :/nnSo, today will be a nice day, I think. Sunny, cool, god amount of caffeine, and *maybe* a delivery of the tobacco stuff? I will have to wait and see. I sure hope so.nnNo word on when the desk is arriving (via UPS (I think)) because a tracking number hasn’t been provided yet, as far as I know.nnI am thinking about carving out a day to watch all of the *Get Back* (is the name?) documentary of The Beatles jamming. Apparently it is an 8 hour doc, and it would take some time to get through it, but I will do it someday. Probably.nnI feel good today.nnBack later

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