Went to BP. Bought a(nother) Mt Dew Live Wire (same as yesterday morning) and a bag of Ruffles Queso chips. The latter was an impulse (and unhealthy) choice, but, I had three bananas for breakfast earlier, so I am not doing too bad ;)nnI’ll be waiting for UPS for most of the day, I think. BUT I will be waiting *patiently*, because they are actually delivering the desk *early* and not a week late like USPS did with the tobacco order. I’ll avoid USPS at all costs from now on when it comes to package delivery.nnAnd as mentioned, it is a sunny day outside, and probably will be all day. doesn’t know what it is talking about, haha.nnFeeling a bit “irked” that I cannot think of anything worth a dang to write about this morning :/ I mean, sometimes the words just *flow*, and other times, it is like pulling teeth. Depends on mood and whatnot, I guess.nnBack later

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